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Same-day Dental Implants

Dr. Patrick Seely and our collaborating oral surgeon can place same-day dental implants, providing prompt relief for those who have suffered trauma, require extraction, or wish to replace their traditional dentures with a more stable solution. Same-day implants are often recommended to patients who have lost anterior teeth, or denture candidates who need a full dental arch replacement. During a consultation, we can assess the state of your oral health to determine if this solution is right for you. 

Same-day implants are often recommended to patients who have lost anterior teeth, or denture candidates who need a full dental arch replacement.

What are Same-day Dental Implants?

Same-day implants, sometimes called “teeth in a day,” are titanium posts that are surgically embedded in the jaw to replace lost tooth roots and provide a stable anchor for dentures, crowns, and bridges. They not only allow patients' smiles to function normally, but also prevent jaw atrophy, a side-effect of tooth loss.

While traditional dental implants provide the greatest longevity, they usually require uncompromised jaw tissue. Patients who have experienced some bone atrophy in the jaw are often faced with the choice of either undergoing a bone graft to restore their candidacy, or making do with less stable restorations. Same-day implant treatments offer an exciting alternative using special implant types and configurations designed to maximize the amount of support the remaining jaw tissue can provide.

The all-on-4 or 6 method involves using four or six implants in the upper or lower dental arch to support a full denture. The implants are longer than their traditional counterparts, and are placed at an angle to achieve maximum stability in a compromised jaw.

Mini implants are smaller than other implants and designed to work with a specially fabricated denture or crown. They are often used to help patients who wish to replace anterior (front) teeth.

Same-day Implants Procedure

Our dentists conduct a comprehensive exam to assess candidacy for implants. Using advanced imaging technology, we assess your jaw bone density and determine which type and configuration of implants is best for you. After discussing your health history and treatment goals, the doctors can provide a treatment recommendation.

Dr. Conklin and Dr. Seely work as a team, which is especially important for same-day procedures. Dr. Conklin is an accomplished implant surgeon, with 30 years of experience placing implants of all kinds. Dr. Seely’s expertise is dental restorations, with a special focus on implant restorations.

In some cases, you can undergo extraction, implant placement, and restoration on the same day. We offer a choice of sedation methods to ensure your comfort during treatment. Windsor Dental Group will schedule follow-up appointments with our dentists to monitor your recovery.

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A compromised smile can be painful, frustrating, and a major source of self-consciousness. We understand that patients want long-lasting relief as soon as possible, and our compassionate dentists are uniquely qualified to meet your needs. To find out if same-day implants or another restorative dentistry procedure is right for you, please contact us today.

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