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Dentist in Windsor, California


About Windsor Dental Group

If you are a resident of Windsor, California, and searching for a dental solution for both yourself and your family, then Windsor Dental Group is on hand to take care of all of your dental and orthodontic needs. 

Over the years, Windsor Dental Group has worked hard to build an outstanding reputation in the Windsor area and its surroundings, and we are incredibly proud of the services we offer to the families of the area. Windsor Dental Group provides a plethora of services from basic dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, and we pride ourselves on our diverse range. One of the things we are most proud of here at Windsor Dental Group is our patient care. We try to take our patient care to new levels and want every patient to feel completely at ease from the moment they walk in our door. At Windsor Dental Group, we understand that most people who visit the dentist may have a certain level of apprehension; we take every measure we can here to take that apprehension and turn it into comfort. Over the years we have seen what works best and we have also listened to our patients, taking on board everything we have learned. We have built a dental practice that we are proud of.

Areas We Serve – Windsor California

The picturesque and beautiful town of Windsor is situated North Sonoma County in the Russian River Valley. Windsor may be a quaint little town, but it sure is rife with beauty and history, Windsor was originally settled in 1855. The town is widely known as one of the oldest wine-growing regions in the whole of California.The name of the town was given by a pony express rider who compared the towns stunning scenery to the land around Windsor Castle in England. Today people come from far and wide to appreciate the quiet and beauty that Windsor has to offer.

While Windsor is most famous for its incredible wineries, it’s also a family-friendly destination with so much more than wine to offer. Windsor is the home of some beautiful shops, creative eateries, and some generously sized parks. If you head into Old Downtown Windsor, you will be welcomed by friendly locals and note how lively the atmosphere is. You will also find the Town Green here, which is a pleasant, walkable stretch of land spanning around 4 acres. It’s sincerely the heart of the downtown area. The Town Green is one of the most popular places in Windsor and is used year-round for gatherings and events like concerts and should you be around during the summer months; you may even be able to catch an outdoor movie.

All being said, Windsor is one of the most beautiful and friendly places to be not just in California, but possibly in the United States.