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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Windsor, CA

At Windsor Dental Group, we are dedicated to the art of restorative dentistry, and our quality dental crowns can restore the comfort, health, and appearance of your smile. Our porcelain crowns don’t look like “dental work.” Instead, they provide superior aesthetics for a natural look and feel.

Our crowns are carefully crafted to achieve a precise fit and natural appearance.

Providing Form and Function

Sometimes called a “cap,” a traditional dental crown is a custom-shaped cover that fully encases your tooth. With a quality crown, our dentists can fully restore the integrity, function, and beauty of your smile. Whenever possible, preserving a tooth is preferable to extraction because maintaining the root prevents the jaw bone recession that follows tooth loss.

Your dental crown will match your natural tooth enamel to blend seamlessly into your smile. Crowns are often used for purely cosmetic reasons, providing coverage for teeth that are permanently discolored, significantly chipped, or misshapen. The translucent porcelain looks incredibly natural in terms of color, texture, and shape.


A crown can also be a proactive treatment for an issue such as a hairline crack in a molar. Providing protective support in the form of a crown can prevent the damage from becoming worse and requiring more extensive treatment, that is, dental implant surgery.

Replacing Missing Teeth

For patients who are missing teeth or require extractions, crowns can be used to support a restorative dental bridge. The crowns attach to healthy teeth to hold the custom bridge in place, replacing the lost teeth.

Many patients replace single lost teeth with crowns attached to dental implants. The implants act as replacement tooth roots to support the crown. Meanwhile, implants are the only restorative solution that can halt bone atrophy following tooth loss.

Our Dental Crown Procedure

We understand that you need relief as soon as possible, and will do everything in our power to diagnose your issue and provide a permanent solution as soon as possible. If you need a crown due to decay or trauma, the tooth will be prepared. This always involves some removal of dental tissue to accommodate the crown. Or, if you have lost a tooth, we can place a dental implant. Using the latest imaging technologies, the dentist will take a digital impression of the tooth or implant, which will be sent to our partner lab.

Once the crown has been fabricated, your dentist will try it in. After checking for optimal fit and comfort, the dentist cements the restoration in place, and you can leave the office with a restored smile.

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Both of our skilled dentists are renowned for their meticulous work, and the positive difference it has made in many patients’ lives. If you have suffered decay or trauma, or simply wish to improve the appearance of a tooth, please contact our office today to learn more about the benefits of our custom dental crowns.