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Same-day Dental Care

At Windsor Dental Group, we understand that dental care can be a difficult fit for many schedules. We know our patients have many priorities and obligations, so we work to provide the most efficient care possible. In many cases, we can offer same-day dental care at our Windsor, CA, practice, including placing and restoring dental implants.

We work as a highly effective team to offer diagnosis and treatment without the need for multiple appointments. Patients often see doctors and the team in a single visit, allowing them to use their unique expertise to provide a solution quickly and effectively. To schedule an appointment today, please contact our office.

same-day dentistry

Our goal is to provide diagnosis and treatment in the same appointment​ whenever possible.

Incredibly Efficient Care

All too often, the timeline for dentistry goes something like this: you schedule an appointment for an exam and cleaning; the dentist diagnoses a cavity or other problem;  then, you schedule an additional appointment at a later date – and possibly a different office – to undergo treatment. This can be incredibly inconvenient, especially when you are taking time off work or need to juggle obligations in order to make the appointments.

At Windsor Dental Group, we strive to simplify your experience as much as possible. Our office utilizes advanced technology to provide timely diagnosis and fast, effective treatment. We have ready access to a partner lab that provides top-quality crowns, bridges, and dentures with a quick turnaround. This minimizes the need for temporary restorations, which can actually increase your risk of complications in many cases.

You can depend on us to deliver the timely solution you need and deserve.

Teeth in a Day

Patients who require extractions or have missing teeth can experience a remarkable transformation with our implant treatments. We can place dentures on special configurations of four or six dental implants. We also provide mini implants, a solution that can allow those who would otherwise need a bone graft to safely receive dental implants right away.

We are equipped to help patients in immediate need of tooth replacement, as well as those who have suffered with an unstable, poorly fitted denture for many years. Dental implants provide a wealth of outstanding benefits. They allow you to chew any foods you wish, and to speak with absolute clarity without having to worry that your denture or other restoration might shift out of place. Meanwhile, dental implants are the one and only treatment that can stop jaw atrophy following the loss of a tooth.

Contact Our Practice

Your family’s oral health is important to us, and we understand that when dental treatment is necessary, no one wants to have to make time for several appointments spanning weeks or longer. You can depend on us to deliver the timely solution you need and deserve. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.